the letter


Everyone is beautiful in their own, unique way. The book of your life is written by you and only you. Grab the pen, write what you desire your life to become, create your own special journey. Pursue those things that set your soul on fire.

Everyone that crosses your path is meant to be there and will serve a purpose, whether small or big, just how you were meant to be in theirs. Each person has their own wounds, their own treasures, their own imperfections, their own dreams, their own beautiful way of being. That is what makes you, YOU. You are truly one of one. 

The book of your life will have highs and lows, some of which are completely out of your control. Positive or negative, realize the beauty in your journey. Those imperfections, those obstacles, those dreams you pursue, and those ambitions you hold so close to your Heart. That is YOU. 

One sees clearly only with the Heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye. 

Live your life the way you want it to be lived. Surround yourself with the people who have shown to you they deserve to be there. Celebrate the beautiful pages of your story alongside them, cry alongside them when your story hits lows. Always remember, they are writing a book of their own, and together, you all will write beautiful stories that depict lessons of love, life, and laughter. 

Believe in YOU. Be YOU. Love YOU. 

CNFDNT is a brand made with love. Created by family, for family. Everything we do holds a meaning in our Hearts. No one has a perfect Heart. Perfection does not exist. What's better than perfection? A Heart that carries all of the pages of your life, through its glories and its wounds. Through it all, it will always be your Heart. That is CNFDNT. 

Spread Love, Spread Life, Spread Laughter.

We thank you for supporting this message and our Hearts, just how we support your Heart. Sending you positive energy today and always. 

love, always 


The CNFDNT Family

For our angel, Jorge

Fly High

Still We Rise